The Bells

The ring originally consisted of five bells cast by R. Wells of Aldbourne, Wiltshire between 1767-1772, and hung in a wooden frame in the tower.  In 1890 it was found that the bells required rehanging and restoring due to general wear.  This work was carried out by John Taylor & Co. The bells were hung with new fittings in a steel frame together with the addition of a new treble.  In 1897 the fourth cracked and its recasting coincided with the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. In 1961 it was found the bells needed rehanging again.  In 1973 the bells were tuned and rehung by John Taylor & Co. with new headstocks and other fittings.

Details of the individual bells are listed below.

Bell          Diameter          Founder                Date                Weight                    Note
                                                                                                 Cwts.    Qtrs.    Lbs.
Treble       2`2 ¼“          John Taylor & Co.        1890         4          0         17              F
                                              of Loughborough
2nd           2`4“              Robert Wells of            1767         4          1         16              E Flat
3rd            2`5 ½“          Robert Wells of            1767         4          2         16              C Sharp
4th            2`7 ¼“         John Taylor & Co.          1897         6          0           8              C
                                              of Loughborough
                                               (originally cast by Robert Wells 1767)
5th            2`9 ¾“          Robert Wells of             1767         6          1         22             B Flat
Tenor        3`1 ¼“          Robert Wells of             1772         8          2         14             G Sharp


Treble:     John Taylor & Co., Loughborough 1890
2:              R.Wells of Aldbourne Fecit 1767
3:              R.Wells of Aldbourne Fecit 1767
4:              Hear God; Honour the King: to the Glory of God and in commemoration of the 60th year of Queen Victoria R.Wells of Aldbourne Fecit 1767 original casting
5:              R.Wells of Aldbourne Fecit 1767
Tenor:      R.Wells of Adlbourne (sic) Fecit 1772

The church clock was manufactured by Gillett & Company of Croydon and is dated 1888.  The movement is installed in the floor above the Ringing Chamber immediately below the six bells.  Centrally mounted in the church spire, it is supported on a substantial wooden A-type frame.  The movement is protected by a close fitting wooden cabinet with glass viewing panels front and rear.