An Afternoon Out

An Afternoon Out at

St Nicholas Church, Wickham

Saturday, 23rd March 2:00pm-4:00pm

Highlights include:

2.15pm-2.45pm – Kelly Henry of Village Green Bakes
shares her easy-to-follow tips for special Mother’s Day
cake decorations.

2.45pm-3.15pm – Jane Painter from
Wickham History Society tells the story of St Nicholas
Church, at the heart of village life for 900 years.

3.15pm–3.45pm – Love flowers but can’t arrange them?
Church flower team leader Chris Beardshaw
shows you how.

2.00pm-4.00pm – Back in the day: browse Neale Fray’s
incredible collection of parish magazines, going back
over 150 years!

Married or christened recently at St Nicholas Church?
Have a look at the current parish registers with
Joyce Johnston.

3.15pm-3.45pm – Churchyard tour with Jane Painter.

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Saturday 23rd March